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Imminent Firestorm 1.12 *Fixed* Available Next Week!

Posted by Aythadis on March 24, 2011 at 11:03 AM

Imminent Firestorm Opps!

Well, after a few people playing through the game, they told me of a few things that I forgot to change back. A few of these things is an alternative starting position in a few levels. Why? When I'm making a certain part of a map and want to test it out to make sure it works, I'm not going to start at the very beginning of the level just to spend 10 min fighting my way to the very last bit of the level to make sure that the edit or added part works the way I want it! One of the levels that did this was the second last level, so I have to go back and delete the starting point, and fix a few broken doors, and a teleport pad that doesn't work (which means that you can't beat the level). So next week, I'll re-upload the game with the things fixed, and also have it so instead of resuming with the normal Doom II levels, it will jump ahead to the next level that I created. So instead of going level 12 -> 13, it will go level 12 -> 20. Just so everyone can check out the rest of the levels that I have created.

Thanks to the people that caught these problems! It will be fixed! And level 28 will have more work done on it too!

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