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Imminent Firestorm 1.12 Released!

Posted by Aythadis on March 20, 2011 at 12:58 PM

Version 1.12 is released TODAY! Get your download now! Here are just some of the new features that are in this version:

[Added] (Weapon) "Decimator" chain-fed double barrel shotgun... BADASS!

[Added] (Monster) Afrit

[Added] (Monster) Aracnorb

[Added] (Monster) CyberFiend

[Added] (Monster) Cybruiser

[Added] (Monster) Daedabus

[Added] (Monster) FireStalker

[Added] (Monster) LavaDemon

[Added] (Monster) TrashMonster

[Added] (Monster) Infernal Spiders *Mini, very mini, & small*

[Added] (Monster) PyroImp

[Added] (Monster) Succubus *Created by Terrorized666!*

[Added] (Boss) Big Infernal Spider

[Added] (Decoration) Bubbles

[Added] (Decoration) LavaCauldron

[Added] Underwater colors *Lava, Toxic, Water, Sludge*

[Added] More Base/Metal Textures

[Added] Official Level 12 (Rough Draft, more work will be done)

[Added] Official Level 20 (Rough Draft, more work will be done)

[Added] Official Level 21 (More work will be done)

[Added] Official Level 28 (Rough Draft, more work will be done)

[Added] Official Level 29 (Rough Draft, more work will be done)

[Added] Text for Level 12

[Added] Text for Level 21 *Warning, you may not like this surprise*

[Added] Text for Level 30 *When you beat the game*

[Added] Secondary Music Triggers for some levels.


[Edited] (Weapon) Automatic Shotgun has faster reloading

[Edited] (Items) Maximum amount of new items to a more realistic number.

[Edited] All levels to work with new Texture file, added more to each level.


[Re-Placed] (Weapon) VX-48 Silenced Sniper Rifle -WITH-> VX-48 Hunting Rifle with NV Scope

[Re-Placed] Texture File

[Re-Placed] Music

[Re-Placed] Player Sounds, like Taunts, Pain, Secret, Locked, etc.

[Re-Placed] Exit Sounds - All Player Quotes, some from Taunts, and locked

[Re-Placed] Default shotgun sprite and sound

[Re-Placed] Desktop Game Icon


[Removed] (Weapon) BFG 2704 (To many broken sprites, never use it)

[Removed] (Weapon) Nailgun (Never use it)

[Removed] (Weapon) Scout Sniper Rifle (Most pointless gun, never use)

[Removed] (Weapon) Railgun (Particle Blaster's secondary attack is the same thing)


[On Hold] (Weapon) Lightning Gun... AWESOME! *Still working on it*

[On Hold] Alternative pickup sounds for all weapons, some with quotes


[Known Bug] (Weapon) VX-48 Hunting Rifle, Dying while in zoom will freeze the game and your computer.

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1:20 PM on March 20, 2011 
Nice work!